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Expertly roasted Coffee from Germany.

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Johann Joachim Darboven and his successors laid the foundation for company success with expertise and entrepreneurial instinct. The company that started out in a small office in Hamburg’s old town in 1866 has long been a flourishing international company with an extensive range of products. The Group now comprises 13 subsidiaries in nine European countries. J.J.Darboven has more than 1,100 employees around the world, with over 300 at its Hamburg site alone. With Albert Darboven currently at the helm, the company has been managed by the family for four generations – and is still able to come up with exceptional ideas and innovations on a regular basis.




Darboven ALBERTO Espresso Crema 1kg

06819 SGD 38.00 incl. GST per 1,000 g 8 x 1,000 g

Origin / Crop
From selected provinces of coffee plantation a fine combination of aromatic coffee is blended.
About this coffee
Aromatic, spicy coffee with a velvety fine crema. This specially roasted blend of selected provenances provides indulgence. Whole Bean – ideal for preparing in all automatic coffee machines.
The fiery aromatic espresso, gently roasted, with Italian character. This specially roasted blend of selected provenances provides indulgence in your mouth.
The blend develops its strength even in a longer brew but for strong espresso as well. Its strength of character is also expressed in milky coffees.

4 Body
3 Roast Grade

JURA Café Crème

Darboven ALFREDO Espresso 1kg

03126 SGD 52.00 incl. GST per 1,000 g 6 x 1,000 g

Origin / Crop
The ALFREDO Blend harmoniously combines premium-quality coffees from various places where high quality beans are grown.
About this coffee
The balanced selection of high quality coffee beans and the recipe for a classic dark roast make Alfredo Espresso Super Bar a particularly racy, rich espresso and give it a fine-pored, velvety crema with a typical Italian flavour.
Espresso with a hint of hazel and embodied with a fine smooth froth and full-bodied flavour give ALFREDO ESPRESSO the aroma and elegance of Italy.
This fine, high quality Espresso is typically found in fine dining areas and places where Espresso is appreciated.

2 Body
2 Roast Grade

JURA Indian Malabar

Darboven COCAYA Premium Chocolate 1kg

60190 SGD 32.30 incl. GST per 1,000 g 10 x 1,000 g

The name COCAYA is a combination of the words "cocoa" and "Maya" – the Maya being the people who discovered the taste of cocoa in Central America in about AD 300.
COCAYA can be enjoyed hot or cold, made with water or milk, or even rounded off with a dash of cream. The high content of cocoa makes it suitable for automatic dispensing.
With their subtle differences, the flavoured varieties are sure to provide a melt-in-the-mouth surprises.
It should come as no surprise that chocolate and drinking chocolate have been in demand as part of many trendy drinks for several years now, making them the perfect addition to the range of hot beverages served at any catering establishment.

4 Body
2 Sweetness

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