Cup Warmer Glass

With its simple, clean lines, the stainless steel cup warmer featuring high-quality clear glass elements cuts an elegant figure alongside all GIGA Professional models and the X8.
Thanks to its three storage surfaces, it provides plenty of space for a total of 100 espresso cups (diam. 60 mm) or 60 coffee cups (diam. 80 mm). The three modern heating panels are energy efficient and run silently, which makes the product ideal for use in offices.

cupwarmer s


Smart Connect
Lots of Cups

With up 100 Espresso Cups (JURA Design), the Cup Warmer Glass can handle a large amount of Cups to be pre-heated.

Smart Connect
Matching Design

The Cup Warmer Glass matches the Design of all JURA GIGA Machines as well as the JURA X8 Office Machine.

Smart Connect
High-Quality Design

The high Quality Design pays attention to small details as well. Thick Glass with stainless steel Shelves.


Temperature 55 °C
Voltage 220 – 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Power 75 W
Weight (without cable) approx. 15 kg
Dimension (W x H x D) 32 × 45 × 32 cm
CAPACITY using JURA Table Ware
Espresso Cups 100 Espresso
Coffee Cups 60 Coffee
Cappuccino Cups 42 Cappuccino

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