Cup warmer - S

Elevate your coffee experience with prewarmed cups.

JURA’s practical, small cup warmer is the ideal partner to any automatic coffee machine. The cup warmer S keeps the cups inside it consistently at a temperature of around 55 °C. The cover also prevents heat loss, saving energy as a result.

cupwarmer s


Smart Connect
Elegant Design

The oval shaped Design is elegant and space-saving. Even it looks small, it can preheat up to 8 JURA Espresso Cups.

Smart Connect
Small - yet specious

The Cup Warmer S can keep as many as 8 Espresso Cups (JURA Table Ware) at any one Time, or even 4 large Cappuccino Cups.

Smart Connect
Well matching

The Cup Warmer S Design matches the Machine as well as other Accessories like the Cool Control.


Temperature 55 °C
Voltage 220 – 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Power 13 W
Weight (without cable) approx. 1.07 kg
Dimension (W x H x D) 13.9 × 19.9 × 25.8 cm
CAPACITY using JURA Table Ware
Espresso Cups 8 Espresso
Coffee Cups 6 Coffee
Cappuccino Cups 4 Cappuccino

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