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We, RICMAS promise every JURA Machine Customer who purchsed a JURA Machine from an authorized JURA Dealer outside of Singapore to rectify any problem with your machine which is deemed to have been with the machine already upon purchase, within the stipulated Warranty period as stated on the seller's Warranty Card or purchase Invoice.This document has to be presented to us prior to servicing.
International Warranty is only executed if you purchased your JURA Machine overseas from an authorized JURA Dealer.
We only execute Warranty and Servicing works on machines designed for the usage in Singapore. We do not repair machines designed for other Voltage than 230V, 50Hz. All Warranty works is only executed at our Hospitality Centre where we are equipped to identify the machine and test it properly with our Animation System, a computer program provided by the manufacturer.
All machines with international Warranty claims must be carried in and collected back by the customer himself.
Any Warranty works on a machine does not reset or prolong the original Warranty.


Any problem arising from operation which was not with the machine already when it was purchased or any of the below mentioned points are not covered under Warranty.

  • If you do not use the machine in accordance what is printed in the Operator's Instruction Manual
  • If you use the machine on a power supply other than stated on the Rating Label by applying Transformers, Voltage Regulators or any other measure to make the machine work.
  • A broken Warranty Seal voids any Warranty completely.
  • Normal Wear & Tear of moving parts inclusive of O-Rings and Seals.
  • Clogged Grinders due to non-suitable coffee beans or not properly handled beans even if the beans are purchased from RICMAS.
  • Removal of foreign parts in the grinder.
  • Harden Milk in Frothers, Milk Tubes or discoloured milk Hoses.
  • Scratches on decorative Parts like Drip Tray or the Casing
  • Broken decorative parts
  • Using Cleaning Materials other than original JURA Cleaning Material

All above mention points will not be rectified under Warranty but Service Charges will apply.


1. Cool Control, Electrical Coolers, Milk Frothers and Cup Warmers

All electrical Accessories cannot be identified by a Serial Number and are therefore treated differently from Machines.
Should any of these electrical Appliances fail within one year of purchase, please bring the Appliance together with the Purchase Invoice to our Hospitality Centre for inspection. Our technical department shall then decide to repair or exchange the Appliance.
If the customer is unable to present an Invoice or Warranty Card from an authorized JURA dealer, we shall not entertain any Warranty Works whatsoever.
If damages are obviously due to mishandling, no Warranty shall apply. Any Warranty works on an Accessory does not reset or prolong the original Warranty.

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Effective December 2, 2016

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