steam and milk system


WMF Milk- and Steam Systems

Our integrated steam systems add another dimension to your WMF professional coffee machine, allowing you to offer as wide a variety of beverages as possible. Whether the people using your machine are absolute beginners or aspiring baristas, they’ll find an advanced but easy-to-use steam system that matches their needs on every WMF machine. You can use it to heat beverages like mulled wine, and to froth milk to perfection, for example when you want to create latte art or froth milk from an external source. Simply choose the system that best matches your business needs, and you’ll be ready to satisfy your customers’ beverage desires.


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    The Basic Milk system is the perfect choice for all classic coffee specialities such as cappuccino, latte macchiato and latte, which are prepared with hot milk and hot milk foam.

    Basic Milk is available for all WMF bean to cup machines.

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    Enabling you to tap into the market for cold milk mixed beverages as well as hot coffee specialities, the Easy Milk system automatically dispenses cold milk as well as hot milk or hot milk foam via the beverage spout.

    The system is available for the WMF 1500 S+, and WMF 5000 S+.

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    WMF’s Dynamic Milk system offers an even wider range of possibilities, allowing the fully automatic production of 4 different consistencies of hot milk foam and 3 variations of cold milk foam, as well as hot and cold milk. So you can always offer your customers the perfect milk foam for each coffee creation.

    The Dynamic Milk system is available for the WMF 1500 S+, WMF 5000 S+ and WMF 9000 S+.


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    Hot drinks, hot milk and hot milk foam – using the steam wand. Manual switching on and off.

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    Hot drinks, hot milk and hot milk foam – using the steam wand. Automated switching off using the temperature sensor.

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    Hot drinks, hot milk and hot milk foam in three quality grades – using the steam wand. Fully automated, switching off using the integrated temperature sensor.

grades of milk froth

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    This is a volume milk froth for extra large quantities and layered drinks. It is excellent for making latte macchiatos!

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    This milk froth is always the right choice for a cappuccino.

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    You can make difficult latte-type creations with this thick, creamy milk froth.

Cooler with milk temperature sensor

The temperature of the milk is a key factor in the quality of the milk foam. An optional sensor in the cooler monitors the milk temperature and indicates it on the graphic display.
The WMF steam systems Basic Steam, Easy Steam and Auto Steam are the perfect complementary partners for the milk systems, providing a user-friendly, practical way of making a huge range of beverages.


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