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We, at RICMAS take the Servicing of WMF Coffee Machines serious. WMF Machines are designed and built that in almost all cases an on-site servicing can be performed.
Highly trained Technicians and a large genuine Spare Part Stock assure a prompt and professional Servicing.

With more than 20 years of experience in the maintenance of WMF Coffee Machines we have adopted systems which prevents machines from breaking down repeatedly.
Experiences learned from machines installed on cruise liners where we only have access every 3-6 months, we do not repair machines, but we maintain machines. Proper Maintenance not only results in fewer breakdowns, but it also protects your investment on your Assets by prolonging its life span.


Every WMF Machine or WMF Accessory is supplied with a 12 Months Warranty covering factory faults and rectification of problems which were deemed to be with the machine already when it was supplied. Read more about our Warranty Servicing in the section to the right.


We offer a Maintenance Pack for WMF Coffee Machines which includes regular maintenance and covers for all costs like transport, service kits and labour. This will prolong the life time of your WMF coffee machine and minimise machine breakdowns.


It is always possible that a machine breaks down. We entertain ad-hoc Service Calls for customers with and without a Service Pack. This section also includes the following cases:

  • Attendance to an ad-hoc service call in case of a machine break-down
  • Relocation of a WMF Coffee Machine
  • Overhaul of a WMF Coffee Machine
  • Servicing of WMF Coffee Machines on board of a ship or in restricted areas

Effective October 22, 2018

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