RICMAS established in 1983

With almost 40 years of experience in coffee machine and coffee business in South East Asia and a selection of probably the best manufacturers in this trade on our side, we have the skill and ability to serve anybody, immaterial of size and nature of coffee and coffee equipment they require. At RICMAS we are offering you THE coffee solution - for a household just as well as for an office, Restaurant, Hotel or a Convinient Store. For true coffee lovers and coffee connoisseurs, perfect coffee is not just a beverage, it is a lifestyle. Coffee brewing equipment are not just a technically perfected device, our machines are a beauty for your senses as well. We strongly believe in "locally" workable solutions, independent of the skill of a Barista.


    RICMAS International Pte. Ltd.

    RICMAS, today almost 40 years old, comes a long way since 1983 as a coffee machine company, representing the two probably most outstanding manufacturer: JURA of Switzerland and WMF Germany.

    It all started in the small town of Kota Kinabalu, on Borneo East Malaysia. RICMAS then spread all-over South-East Asia and set the Head Office in Singapore.

  • 1983

    RICMAS BORNEO SDN. BHD. was formed

    Tanjung Aru

    RICMAS Borneo was formed and the main activity was energy saving consulting services for large building. Soon after we started trading in electrical goods.

    In 1983 RICMAS takes over the servicing of coffee machines at Shangri-La Tanjung Aru in Kota Kinabalu. This is the beginning of a long journey in Coffee Machines and Coffee Beans.

  • 1987

    RICMAS becomes Agent for WMF Coffee Machines

    Image description

    Facing substantial problems with the old machines in Shangri-La, we acquired the Agency for WMF Coffee Machines and Shangri-La Tanjung Aru was our first customer for WMF Coffee Machines.

    Soon after followed by GRAND HYATT Kota Kinabalu and many more 5-Star Hotels in Eastern Malaysia.

  • 1988

    RICMAS creates their own Coffee - Ricafé


    Now having great Machines, the need came up to compliment it with Coffee Beans. We outsourced the Beans from Switzerland and named the three blends we created: ESPRESS, FINESSE and NOBLESS.

    The coffee was roasted and packed in Switzerland by Illycafe Thalwil.

  • 1989

    RICMAS open a Café - "The Café Ricafé"

    Tanjung Aru

    At that point of time, we supplied most of the 5-Star Hotels with our Ricafé. The idea was to give the wider public of Kota Kinabalu and the tourists a chance to enjoy such "European-Style" coffee.

    Besides all kind of Coffees, served in proper porcelain cups and saucers, we sold an item the "Salami-Fist-Bread", which was the big runner and attracted customers from Brunei, Labuan and Miri.

  • 1994

    RICMAS moves to Singapore

    Image description

    We spread our Business Model along Sarawak, the Eastren Part of Borneo down to Kuching. The next step was Kuala Lumpur and Penang, where we opened our own Office.

    The pressure from WMF Germany was getting stronger to make us move to Singapore. We finally opened an Office in 1994 at the German Centre, where we are till today.

  • 1994 - 1997

    RICMAS Singapore - Centre for South-East-Asia


    We have been spreading our Products into South East Asia. Some places we set-up our own office, some we were working with Agents.

    Most of these setups still exists as an agent, or are run by local people today.

    We discontinued our Ricafé and replaced it by Brands like Illycafe, Chicco D'Oro, JURA Coffee and J.J. Darboven.

  • 1997

    RICMAS becomes Agent for JURA Coffee Machines


    After the big struggle to survive the 1995 financial crises, RICMAS decided to extend its range of machine into the retail level. This not only to complete our range of machines, but also to create a second line of business: The Retail Business

    In 1997 we acquired the Agency for JURA Coffee Machines from Switzerland.

  • 2008

    JURA SEA (Pte.) Ltd. was formed


    A bit more than 10 years after aquiering the JURA Agency, we formed a joint-venture RICMAS with JURA Switzerland. The base idea behind is the access for RICMAS to JURA marketing, Hospitality Centre and later to JURA Live, a customer live service for machine evaluation and selection.

    JURA SEA (Pte.) Ltd. is integrated in RICMAS Office and serves some of the oversea agents.

  • 2012

    The JURA Hospitality Center was open


    In 2012 we moved our office from the West- to the East-Wing within the German Centre with the oppurtunity to almost triple the space for our Office, Store, Workshop and two new showrooms.

    The Furniture and Fixtures for the Hospitality Centre where brought in from JURA Swtzerland.

  • 2012

    The JURA Glass Work Shop was open


    Making some substential Changes to our Service Principles and the existance of a professional JURA Work Shop, gave a chance to enhance the Service Expirience to our Customers.

    The Furniture and Fixtures for the Glass Work Shop, which is a Part of the Hospitality Centre, where brought in from JURA Swtzerland..

  • 2012

    The new WMF Showroom was open


    Once we got that larger space to accommodate two Showrooms, we took the opportunity to display all WMF Coffee Machines fully functioning and ready for a demonstration.

    The separation of the two Showrooms makes a clearer differentiation of the two Brands.

  • 2017

    RICMAS maintains a Web Shop


    Realizing the new trend in Shopping, we started in 2017 to maintain a Webshop, where Customer can purchase any JURA Item with delivery within Singapore.

    Today, we sell everyday Items on our Webshop. Looks the Customer has realized the easy way of shopping without having to leave home.

  • 2019

    RICMAS maintains JURA Point-of-Sales

    ck tangs

    Ever since 1999 RICMAS did maintain POSs mainly in Department Stores.

    Today we are present in Takashimaya and C.K. Tangs Department Stores in Orchard.

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