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The Project


Any innovative product is preceded by the development of new concepts, technologies and design. Every day at JURA, a team of highly qualified product developers, engineers, designers and marketing specialists search for answers to a single question: what will espresso and coffee machines look like in the future?


JURA Espresso Machines

A wide range of espresso machines for domestic, office and light commercial use.


JURA Accessories

Complete your JURA machine with useful accessories and replacement parts.

Cleaning Materials

JURA Cleaning Materials

Maintain your JURA machine with original Cleaning Material.

Care Materials


Protect your JURA machine with CLARIS filters. The perfect coffee from perfect water quality.

Table Ware

JURA Table Ware

Enjoy your perfect coffee in a JURA branded Table Ware like Cups and Saucers and Glasses.


JURA Coffee Beans

A fine Selection of hand-roasted Coffee Beans for every Taste and type of Coffee.

Key Technologies

JURA Key Technology

Learn in a series of movies the technology behind every JURA Espresso Machine.


JURA Machine Maintenance

Learn in a few steps why maintaining is so important to enjoy the perfect coffee for a long time.


JURA Machine Service

Here you can find the Warranty Conditions and Servicing of Machines after Warranty.


JURA Operating Experience

With J.O.E. you can control your JURA coffee machine from your smartphone.


About JURA

JURA, the leader in fully automatic Espresso Machines - learn more about JURA.